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8 Surprising Reasons to Live in Burlington

Burlington is a city located near Lake Ontario, at its northwestern end, forming the western end of the Greater Toronto Area. It is a lovely place to make your home for several reasons. Let’s have a look at a little bit of the history and background of Burlington first.

1: Burlington Holds a Rich History

The name ‘Burlington’ was given to this area in the 18th century by John Simcoe, a lieutenant governor of Upper Canada, a British colony, when he named it Burlington Bay, after a town in England. Before that, this heavily forested area was mainly occupied by First Nations people.

Settlement of the land was allowed after the completion of a survey in 1812. However, the population really skyrocketed in the aftermath of WW2 due to electricity availability and a new highway connecting it to Toronto. In 1974, Burlington attained the status of a city with the growth of its population beyond 100,000. As more and more people move here, the population is only expected to increase.

2: The Geography that Will Make You Fall in Love

The geography and climate of this area are very conducive to settlement. It has a temperate climate due to the Niagara Escarpment.

3: Economic Opportunities

Moving to Burlington will give you all the benefits of living in Toronto without the downsides. Burlington itself also has a very diverse economic base, with large contributions from the automotive industry. It also thrives due to the presence of a large market in the shape of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

4: Lower Living Costs

It is significantly cheaper to rent or buy a residence in Burlington compared to Toronto. This makes it much easier to take advantage of the economic might of Toronto without paying for it in higher living costs. This is made possible by Burlington’s proximity to Toronto since you can easily go to and from Toronto while living in Burlington.

5: Higher Security

Burlington will also be relatively safer than Toronto since it is comparatively smaller in size than the much larger Toronto. This smaller size makes it easier for the police to enforce the law and keep residents safe.

6: Breathtaking Places to Visit

Burlington possesses several sites of cultural importance. These include the Brant Street Pier, the Art Gallery of Burlington, and the Royal Canadian Naval Association Naval Memorial.

There are also many parks, such as LaSalle Park, Spencer Smith Park, and the Bronte Creek Provincial Park.
The best part?
There are also the Royal Botanical Gardens, where you can find the world’s largest collection of lilacs. They feature over 2700 acres of gardens and nature sanctuaries. And of course, there is the nearby Niagara Falls, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

7: Shopping Malls

There are many shopping malls located in Burlington, the most important of which are the Burlington Centre and Mapleview Centre.

8: Top-Notch Educational Institutions

Living in Burlington provides excellent education opportunities, be it elementary, secondary, or undergraduate. Burlington has 43 elementary schools in total, with 29 being public schools and 14 being Catholic schools.
There are also about ten high schools, with seven being public and three being Catholic schools. Also, 11 private schools serve Burlington, and one university, the McMaster University. This article was all about reasons that make Burlington a lovely place to move to and live in.

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