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Once Your Reservation is confirmed:
We will call you the day prior to your move. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to
make changes to your reservation, please email us at

Our dedicated staff will work hard to ensure that you receive the best possible moving experience, which includes
punctual, efficient uniformed movers that arrive to your doorstep with a smile.

Our team will handle and transport your furniture as if it were our own. Kindly ensure that if you have a specialty item such as a piano, hot tub or pool table, that you advise us in advance of your move date as special equipment will be required for these items that may be subject to a moving

surcharge TOPTOWNMOVERS, we have a 4 hour minimum which includes 1 hour travel time for
local moves within the GTA. For Example, if your move takes 3 hours from the time we arrive at your door, until we finish at the final destination, we will bill you for 4 hours.

For moves outside the GTA, we will send you an email describing any extra travel time for longer
distance moves. We accept Cash, Debit, Visa and MasterCard. Please be advised that we have a 3%
processing fee for CREDIT CARDS ONLY and applicable taxes are not included.
We bill by the hour and will ensure that your professional movers will work as hard as they can to
complete the job to your satisfaction. Although sometimes we may estimate the time it takes to do
a job, at the request of a client, we can never be certain as variables do occur such as access, traffic
and the amount of items to move.
The final bill will be determined simply on the amount of time it takes and by no other means. It is
mutually agreed upon, that by engaging TOPTOWNMOVERS, that you consign to release the goods
to a value of $6.00 per pound per article (generally 10 x more than what you would receive from
other companies) and that as consignor, you indemnify and hold harmless TTM for any amount
We do not transport valuables such as cash, jewelry, art and extremely personal mementos. As we
are not responsible for these items, we ask you to pack and move these items prior to the arrival
of our professional movers.
Top town movers Inc.
1805 Wilson Avenue,North York, ON,CA M9M 1A2
I understand and agree that the insurance provided Top town movers Inc, as part of the moving
services agreement, is $.60) per pound, per item. I hereby agree that TOPTOWNMOVERS IS NOT
liable for any amount exceeding $.60 per pound, however we may pay up to $6.00 per pound for
items damaged as a consideration for using our moving services.
I understand that all claims must be submitted in writing within 30 days of the move date.
I understand that TOPTOWNMOVERS cannot be held liable for any damage to walls, ceilings,
floors or fixtures incurred while in the process of facilitating the move. TOPTOWNMOVERS will at
all times ensure the protection of items using items such as quilted blankets, plastic shrink wrap,
straps, etc., and will take precautions to the best of its ability to ensure that items are carefully
secured at all times.
I further understand that TOPTOWNMOVERS will not be liable for any damage to the following
items: Marble, granite, china, ceramics, stoneware, lamps, particle board, pressed wood
furnishings, Ikea or similarly constructed furnishings, printers, photocopiers and contents of boxes
packed by the client. CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE
1. The carrier of the goods described in the ball of lading is liable for any loss of or
change to goods accepted by him or his agent, except as provided in these
Conditions of Carriage.
2. Where a shipment is accepted for carriage by more than 1 carrier, the originating
contracting carrier and the carrier who assumes responsibility for delivery to the
consignee (thereafter called the delivering carrier), in addition to any other liability
provided for under these Conditions of Carriage are liable jointly and severally for
any loss of or damage to the goods while they are in the custody of any other
carrier to whom the goods are or have been delivered and from which liability the
other carrier is not relieved.
3. The originating contracting carrier or the delivering carrier, as the case may be, is
entitled to recover from any other carrier to whom the goods are or have been
delivered the amount of loss or damage that the originating contracting carrier or
delivering carrier, as the case may be, may be required to pay under these
Condition of Carriage resulting from any loss of or damage to the goods while they
were in the custody of that other carrier.
4. Nothing the section 2 or 3 of these Conditions of Carriage deprives a consignor or
consignee of any rights he may have against any carrier.
5. The carrier shall not be liable for the following
a)Loss, damage or delay to any of the goods described in the bill of landing caused by. (i) an act of
God, (ii) the Queen’s or public enemies, (iii) riot, (iv) strikes, (v) a defect or inherent vice in the
goods, (vi) an act or default of the consignor, owner of consignee, (vii) authority of law, or (vii)
b)except of damage, deterioration or loss caused by his, his agent’s employee’s negligence, (i)
damage to fragile articles that are not packed and unpacked by the contracting carrier, his agent
or employee, (ii) damage to the mechanical, electronic or other operation of radios, phonographs,
clocks, appliances, musical instruments, and other equipment, irrespective of who packed those
articles, unless servicing and preparation was performed by the contracting carrier, his agent or
employee, (iii) deterioration of or damage to perishable food, plants or pets, or (iv) loss of
contents of consignor-packed articles unless the containers used are opened for the carrier’s
inspection and articles are listed on the bill or landing and receipted for by the carrier and the
burden of proving absence of such negligence shall be on the carrier.
c) damage to or loss of a complete set or until when only part of the set is damaged or lost, in
which event the carrier shall only be liable for repair or recovery of the lost or damaged piece or
d) damage to the goods at place or places of pick-up at which the consignor or his agent was not in
e) damage to the goods at place or places of delivery at which the consignee or his agent was not
in attendance and cannot give receipt for goods delivered.
(1) At the time of acceptance of the contract, the original contracting carrier shall provide the
consignor, with a date or time period within which delivery is to be made.
(2) Failure by the carrier to effect delivery within the time specified on the face of the bill of
landing shall render him liable for reasonable storage in transit, handling and redelivery charges
incurred by the carrier.