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Moving can be stressful … if you don’t have the proper resources and help. Regardless of the time, distance, number of items, or any other reason, relocating is never an easy process. Over the years, we have developed and refined the perfect system for a quick and easy booking process with a fairly accurate estimate. Our diligent office moving coordinators get in touch shortly after to ensure all the details are correct so that you can move with Top Twon Movers. with confidence – without the extra charges and unwanted surprises that many people have come to expect from typical moving companies and movers Oakville

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8 Reasons Why Oakville Is Such A Great City To Live In

Do you know that Oakville is declared the best place to live in Canada? Moneysense’s records have given Oakville the 5th position as the best place to live in Canada.
You heard me right!
Besides its brilliant location, it offers enormous job opportunities and a high-quality lifestyle. This article unwraps some of the reasons why you should move to Oakville in Canada.

1: Locational Advantage

Oakville is a town positioned in the Halton Region on Lake Ontario in the middle of Toronto and Hamilton. One of the reasons to live in Toronto is its enormous industrial area between Toronto and Oakville. Because of this favorable location, its citizens have easy access to their working places.

2: Favorable Climate

Oakville has a humid continental climate. In Northern Ontario, summers are short and comfortable, whereas winters are long and very cold. In Southern Ontario, there is moderate temperature because of the Great Lakes. Oakville offers a favorable climate to live a comfortable life.

3: Emergency Services

Oakville offers several emergency services to improve the quality of life for all its citizens. Halton Regional Police Service serves to maintain law and order in the city. Eight fire stations are also located in the city. Oakville’s Water Air Rescue Force offers rescue and search services in Western Lake Ontario.

4: Hollywood North: (Popular Destination For Film Industry)

Oakville is a famous location for high-cost filmmakers because of its splendid landscape and greenery. Different films being shot in this city are Santa Clause, starring Tim Allen, Dream House, and Naomi Watts. So, what about witnessing your superhero in front of you? I know you dream about it every day!

5: Excellent Sports Facilities

Oakville provides many sports facilities for sports lovers. In this city, sports are soccer, lacrosse, hockey, skating, golf, and baseball. Oakville Soccer Club is considered the largest soccer club in Canada. If you are a sports enthusiast, Oakville is where you should be.

6: High-Quality Education

One of the reasons for living in Oakville is its high-quality education system. Oakville offers elementary and primary education, including both public and private schools. Oakville Sheridan College is the only higher education facility that offers art and business studies.

7: Calm and Peaceful Environment

Everyone loves being at peace. However, not every place is peaceful and homely. Oakville’s calm and serene atmosphere is an important reason to relocate to it. It is a quiet place with a beautiful landscape where you can release your negative emotions and enjoy your life.

8: Recreation Events:

The best thing about Oakville is that it offers great occasions for the enjoyment of friends and families. These events include Oakville Jazz Festival, Waterfront Festival, Kerrfest, and For the Love of the Arts Festivals.

 Jazz Festival displays several stage performances. The Kerrfest is a musical festival that offers musical concerts.

For The Love of the Arts Festival shows Oakville’s multiculturalism. It displays the different talents and skills of people belonging to various ethnic groups. All these vibrant events make Oakville a fun place to live.

All the above reasons conclude that for raising a family in Canada, Oakville is a great spot to move on.

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