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Let’s face the fact that moving is the biggest household task and can be extremely overwhelming if not done organized properly. However, we at Top town movers can make it hassle with comprehensive moving services and these little moving tips for you:

  1. A night before the move, pack a bag with the essentials.
  2. Wrap the breakable crockery in clothing or bubble wraps.
  3. Clean the closets and the basement as soon as possible.
  4. Stay in touch with the movers.
  5. Label the boxes and add what room they will go to.
  6. Keep the valuables safe
  7. Pack all the sizes
  8. Keep sandwiches bags handy for holding the small parts such as remote, charger, screws, etc
  9. Take a picture of how the electronics are connected to remember while connecting them again
  10. Change of address a week before you move
  11. Defrost your fridge before moving
  12. Pack the things you will require FIRST in a reasonable plastic canister
  13. Name almost everything
  14. Pre-clean the washrooms and the kitchen for the new owners
  15. Cover the openings of your toiletries with cling wrap.
  16. Pack plates vertically, similar to others
  17. Make sure to get snacks for move day
  18. Do not forget to make the beds
  19. Keep one box for one room to make it less chaotic
  20. Take photographs of the old place for the new one
  21. Make sure to meet the movers upon arrival
  22. If residing in a condo, make sure of elevator booking time.