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Packing Tips

Packing needs a lot of tricks to make sure that your belongings are in a good shape when they reach new places. However, the following tips will make the entire process dead easy for you. Moreover, these packing tips are especially from those movers in Toronto who have expertise in the field. Here are some to start with:

  1. Go with the organization and planning first
  2. Do pack the breakables in soft cloth or socks
  3. Do label all the things that belong to one room
  4. Use a padded surface to pack the items that can break
  5. Pack the boxes based on priority to open them
  6. Try to pack the electronics in their original packs with the manuals to remember it
  7. Initiate the packing ahead of time
  8. Have all the packing supplies and moving boxes ready with your beforehand
  9. Pack the clothes just like they are
  10. Finish the kitchen first as that is where maximum clutter is
  11. Use the packing containers that can be sealed nicely
  12. Always keep the heavy stuff at the bottom
  13. Set a weight limit per box
  14. Use small boxes for the books as they get heavy really fast
  15. Put the dishes upwards always
  16. Have a stack of newspapers ready for extra packing
  17. Put the small items in small packs to avoid any breakage
  18. Seal with tape or plastic the item which are at a risk of spilling
  19. Try to remove the air from the boxes
  20. Label on two sides of safety
  21. Keep the lampshades and lamps separately or in their respective boxes
  22. Pack the items of the different rooms separately


Majid Nikou

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