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Reasons To Live In North York

North York is also known as the “Second Downtown” and is a perfect place when it comes to the celebration of festivals, shopping at the malls, and enjoying the high-quality and delicious food in the restaurants. 

But these are not the only reasons. 

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We are going to discuss the top reasons that make it the perfect place to live, celebrate and recreate. 

Fascinating Museums & Historic Sites

After visiting the museums and attending the events and workshops in the area, you will get to know that a lot of history has taken place in North York, Toronto. One of the great examples is the heritage museum called Gibson House where you can find the masterpieces in the field of artwork that was created in the 19th century. 

All such places will clearly explain how this area has evolved and how North York has achieved such an elevated level through the years. 

Superb Collection Of Affordable Restaurants

Whether you are a lover of North African flavors, Italian dishes, or Asian cuisine, then you should move here as there is so much delicious food that is available at low prices. 

Due to cultural diversity, you will also find a lot of restaurants that offer Chinese Food, Thai Vegetarian dishes, and Indian sauces. 

One of the most popular menus of various restaurants is mango shake with the perfect blend of spicy rice. You can also order beef steaks with this amazing combination and believe me, you will never resist it.

Huge Shopping Malls That Will Spoil You

Everyone wants to get spoiled when it comes to spending money on shopping. People from diverse ethnicities spend their spare time wandering and shopping in the biggest malls of Toronto including Fairview Mall, Shepherd Centre, and the Yorkdale Shopping center. 

No matter what you want to buy from clothes, perfect shoes to anything, you are sure to find all you need. 

The interesting part?

People of different ages from teenagers, adults, women, and men, equally love to recreate in the malls. 

Excellent Public Transit Connections

Although North York is not in the center of the city, it is very excellently connected to all the areas of Toronto via the public transit links. People conveniently move to their workplaces, schools, colleges, and universities using the major highways and stations.

Another fact is that these connections give the panoramic beauty to North York and the scene of running public transport gives an amazing feeling. 

The hustle and bustle of the busy city life have its own beauty because you always enjoy the smiles and laughs of the people, no matter how upset you are. 

The bottom Line

If you want to choose the best place in Toronto where you can live a luxurious life, you should choose North York. It has everything that can support the high lifestyle from multicultural festivals, late-night events to taste cuisine and diverse music. 

North York is obviously a Toronto hotspot. 


Majid Nikou

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