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10 Reasons Why Newmarket is the Best City to Live in

Newmarket Ontario has been considered the top ten best cities to live in Canada as of 2021. Surprising? Absolutely not. It has been number 10 on MoneySense magazine ever since 2013. Now it is the best city for living in the entire York region.

What makes it the best? Why opt for Newmarket?

Having state-of-the-art education, healthcare, growing business, and the unemployment rate to the minimum, Newmarket has it all.

Let us explore more about what is beyond this. What really makes Newmarket a Heaven for Home-hunters!

  1. Well-knit community 

Newmarket has a small populace of 84,000 people. This keeps the community well connected to each other. They remain aware if anything goes wrong. A closed community also means equal sharing of joy and sorrow at all times.

  1. Stable economy 

Newmarket has a growing economy. It is widespread over multiple service businesses, the educational sector, and the health sector. A growing economy means it offers a great number of employment opportunities for its citizens.

  1. Center of cultural activity 

For almost a century, Downtown in Newmarket has been the hub of cultural activity. Many of the 19th-century buildings are preserved by the heritage preservation authorities. Now they are major tourist attractions.

  1. Social activities 

Newmarket offers tons of recreational activities for its public. From parade to walks at Fairy Lake, it has it all. Having weekends at safe parks and great outdoor activities, coupled with excellent nightlife

  1. Secure environment 

The parks and sites are people-friendly as well as safe and secure. The crime rate in Newmarket is very low.

York regional police and Ontario Provincial Police are responsible for patrolling highways and controlling any unfortunate incidents. Luckily, such events are almost non-existent.

  1. Beautiful Infrastructure 

Having a well-planned infrastructure is another accomplishment of Newmarket. It is applauding that majority of its citizens, transport to a distance of fewer than 30 minutes for work every day.

  1. Excellent Education system 

Newmarket offers a competent educational system for children. In addition to this, Newmarket Public library offers free access to its residents. This promotes an educational vibe in the city.

  1. Convenient Transportation 

York region transit is responsible for the local public transport. This is done via buses which have separate lanes, making transport cheap and convenient.

  1. Healthcare facilities 

Healthcare in Newmarket is in line with international healthcare standards. Besides this, South lake Regional health center is one of the major employers of the city.

  1. Weather change 

Overall, Newmarket has a humid continental climate. However, it is blessed with 4 seasons, from snowy winters to humid summers.

Apart from all this, good governance is also an honorable mention in this list, making Newmarket the destination for future living.

The list of Newmarket pros goes on,, but these are more than enough reasons to move here today. We are wrapping up so you can end up for a better future in Newmarket as well. 


Majid Nikou

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