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Reasons To Live In Etobicoke

Etobicoke is one of the most popular areas for people who plan to live in Toronto. There are lots of reasons why it is a preferred location for many people, and one of them is the true manifestation of what diversity looks like.

Waterfront views and affordable living or just two of the benefits of living in Etobicoke. Here are some more reasons why you should move to Etobicoke.

It Is Still Affordable?

Etobicoke is a relatively new area on the list of hot areas to live in Toronto, and that is why lots of new condo and apartment buildings have started to rise in this area.

Condos And Apartments Are Cheaper

The buildings full of all the amenities you could ever dream of are still selling their apartments and condos at reasonable prices because of the fierce competition in Etobicoke’s real estate.

Build Your Own House

You can also buy your own land and make your own customized house in Etobicoke easily. So, by making your own house, or by buying your own condo at a relatively affordable price, you can get rid of one of the biggest disadvantages of downtown living, which are the high living expenses.

Downtown Toronto Is Nearby

Another major reason why people are rapidly moving to Etobicoke is because it is very close to downtown Toronto. So, you can easily travel to downtown Toronto if you have your friends or family members living there.

Kingsway Is Also Nearby

The area is also closely located to Kingsway, which is known for its plethora of restaurants, boutiques, and other amenities like pubs, cafés, bars.

Public Transit Is Available

There is also a strong network of public transit services available in the Etobicoke city which helps you travel faster and cheaper than any other means of transport available.

It Still Feels Like A Small Town

One of the best things about Etobicoke is that despite having all the amenities of a standard city, the area still feels like a small town.

For example, there are many great lakeside jogging places available, and you can enjoy your cup of latte on weekends just like you would in a downtown, but without any rush of people and the crowds you will have to face while living downtown.

Your Family Would Love The Area!

Another great thing about Etobicoke is that it is very family friendly. That is because the area is flooded with first time homebuyers who are planning to move their families into their new houses. And you too can move your family into the area and live happily with your young kids and spouse without any fear or lack of amenities.

Plenty Of Services Are Available

There are many quality schools, parks, and lots of other fun places for your kids, and family in general to enjoy. You can also enjoy the waterfront in the Etobicoke city with your family on the weekends. The wavefront lifestyle is one of the selling features of Etobicoke which has attracted many people towards the city.

These were some reasons why you should move to Etobicoke. The area is still affordable, and can be easily accessed from downtown Toronto.


Majid Nikou

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